Jonelle Boyd


Project Info

  • Client Charter Communications
  • Completion December 2021
  • Category Visual Design

Project Description

"Fidget" is a design system based on Google Material Design that was started in 2018 to be used within Charter's agent application portal, Gateway, which up until Fidget, had been designed using Bootstrap.

Initially, Fidget was was largely using stock Material components. There really hadn't been dedicated designers or developers available to take the design system in the direction that it needed to go. In 2019, with the addition of new developers to the Fidget team, along with myself, a new designer assigned to the team, we were able to update and start developing a strong design system.

I remained designer for the Fidget team until my departure from Charter in December 2021. Fidget was still a work in progress when I left, but basic components such as buttons, tabs, alerts... etc. had been updated, as well as a whole new set of custom icons created. Our UX team used Figma as our chosen design program, so I created a shared team library in Figma for all of the designers to pull from.