Jonelle Boyd

I-9 “Wow”

Project Info

  • Client Equifax, Inc.
  • Completion September 2018
  • Category UI/UX Design

Project Description

The I-9 "WOW" project was originally a reaction to Amazon's need for a better remote employee onboarding user experience. This was created to be a standalone product, however, as of today, I-9 “WOW” has never been implemented as a standalone – the Business team changed their plan, seeing it an opportunity to improve the UX in Equifax’s I-9 Compliance Center.

The changes resulted in:

  • Updated look & feel with cleaner, more modern imagery, colors, icons, and font.
  • Updated verbiage with “wizard” style format – the goal was to give the entire application a more conversational feel, with more questions rather than statements. And instead of giving the user the official I-9 form online to fill out, having the answers to the questions asked to fill out the form for them, with the official form presented at end of the process.