Jonelle Boyd


Project Info

  • Client iView
  • Completion Ongoing
  • Category UI/UX; Graphic Design

Project Description

iVIEW is a new mobile application that helps health care providers explain medical conditions or procedures to patients faster and more thoroughly. It saves time for both the provider and patient by delivering a full explanation via a video. The quality of the visit is improved over the traditional office visit and the time spent talking to the patient is reduced.

iVIEW is a freelance project that I was hired on to be sole UI/UX Designer. With iVIEW being a completely new application, it was my job to create the look of the application from start to finish – including the iVIEW logo, as well as the Surgeons View logo – an additional product that will be offered within iVIEW.

I worked with the creator of the application, orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Williams, to understand what his vision for the application was, who the users of the application would be, and create wireframes of a basic user/customer flow. Hi-fidelity mockups were created as well.

As of today, the status of this project is ongoing and currently in development.