Jonelle Boyd

Thermo Fisher Chemicals Site

Project Info

  • Client Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Completion October 2021
  • Category Visual Design; UI/UX

Project Description

An initiative I was brought into at the beginning of July 2021 was the update of Thermo Fisher's Chemicals site. I would act as UI and UX designer, designing the look of the homepage and being an advisor to the web content team through the development of the remaining site. The site is developed using components that have been designed & developed to use with Adobe Experience Manager, the content management system that Thermo Fisher uses for their site's content pages. 

Designing this Chemicals' homepage involved working with the web content team to design new and update current components. I also worked with business subject matter experts to ensure that the homepage included elements that would satisfy the typical Thermo Fisher Chemicals customer.  

Another thing to consider, design wise, was responsive web sizes (specifically: 1200px, 992px, 768px, 576px, and 414px), which until this project, had not been implemented. While the project to update responsive UI is ongoing, the initial 1440px desktop size has been designed.

I explored how the page would look in dark mode. Dark mode is currently not apart of the "Komodo" which is Thermo Fisher's UI design system for Thermo Fisher sites and applications, but it's something that our design system team is currently exploring and this is one take on it.