Jonelle Boyd

The Work Number

Project Info

  • Client Equifax, Inc.
  • Completion January 2019
  • Category Visual Design; UI/UX

Project Description

Our Customer Experience team was tasked with updating an existing Equifax site: The Work Number. After meeting with various stakeholders and conducting brainstorming several sessions, we all agreed on what we thought was most important for the users - based on previous user feedback given to subject matter experts related to the site who correspond regularly with its' users. Our goal was to give all of the various users a better overall experience when visiting & interacting with the site.

As lead designer for this project, given the decided direction, I designed the essential pages for the site, basing it off Equifax's current (at the time) UI framework for non-transactional sites. Along the way, I created new UI components to accommodate this particular website's content. This became a team effort. I gave the proper art direction needed to another designer on the team, while continually corresponding with the Business and Development teams to complete the project within a tight deadline.