Pulumi Deploy

In order to make deployments in the Pulumi Service happen, a new user experience needed to be created – so having the Pulumi UX team in on this project from the start was essential. This project included lots of user research… user interviews, multiple rounds of usability testing and lots of research in general on…

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In late 2021 I was transferred as the designer for scaled instrument applications for Thermo Fisher – one of those instruments being ‘Attune’. I worked with product owners, business analysts, and developers, gathering requirements to design the web application. When I last worked on the project the design of the application itself was complete and…

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Pulumi Service Redesign

For this project, I worked on all the navigation, as well as all the  UI updates for the pages of the site, while another designer handled the UX and UI of the dashboard.  I created a new left side navigation that enabled users to favorite their stacks and also provided a clearer way of allowing…

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Komodo Design System

The Komodo design system team consists of a small group of designers and UI developers. My role within the team was to help with updating old and designing new components, as well as write design documentation.

Pulumi About Page

The current About page doesn’t provide the right information for people to learn about Pulumi as a company. There’s no mention of the Pulumi story or its’ history, or the Pulumi community which plays a big role in what Pulumi chooses to develop and improve. And while we still wanted to show some employee faces,…

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Phase One of this project is complete. For the first phase of the project our goal was to update GeneArt Instant Designer’s UI to be in line with Thermo Fisher’s “Komodo” design system and make functionality changes to help the current experience become a more unified one – making the process of uploading & starting…

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