Komodo Design System

The Team

The Komodo Design System team comprised of a small group of six designers and two UI developers, collectively worked towards the ongoing refinement and expansion of the system.

My Role

Within the team, I played a pivotal role, tasked with updating old components from the previous design system and refreshing them with Komodo’s new style, look, and feel. Additionally, I added new interaction patterns and behaviors that I deemed beneficial to the user, thereby enhancing the user experience. Furthermore, I designed brand new Komodo components that our team identified as missing from the system.

With the addition of new components came the drafting of comprehensive design documentation that explained the patterns, sizes, colors, behaviors, and rules governing the components.


Komodo is now in use across various sites, products, and applications of Thermo Fisher. Scroll through the images below to see a few examples or click on the links to the right of the page to visit Thermo Fisher and Fisher Scientific’s sites.  


  • New & Updated “Komodo” Design System Components and Written Documentation


"Komodo" is the name given to the design system implemented across the Thermo Fisher and Fisher Scientific websites and various applications. Komodo offers comprehensive company guidelines to ensure consistency throughout all Thermo Fisher products and platforms, as well as enhance product development efficiency.

Initially designed and developed via a Sketch library, the design system received an upgrade in 2022 when the library transitioned to Figma as the UI and UX design teams made the shift from Sketch to Figma as their design tool.