Pulumi Cloud

For this project, I worked on all the navigation, as well as the UI for the majority of the site pages, while another designer handled the UX and UI of the dashboard. 

I created a new left side nav that enabled users to favorite their stacks, providing clearer way of allowing users to change organizations via the org selector dropdown. I also designed a feedback widget at the bottom that allows users to share their feedback on the changes as well as anything else on the Pulumi Cloud. This made a huge impact with a large amount of our customers giving their options and grievances, allowing us to get more insight into how we can better help support our users.

Along with the design, came lots of researching best practices in order to ensure that the best UI/UX decisions were being made, as well as user research which involved conducting interviews with users who frequent the Pulumi Cloud.

Through the design of this project, new components were created and added to the Pulumi Design System.

This project was completed rather quickly for such a big task, 6 weeks in total. The response has overwhelmingly been great. Users love the new design and the ability that the dashbaord and the new nav allow them to quickly get information, with 90% of users using the new favorites feature that was created.


  • Pulumi

  • 2022

A huge goal that the Pulumi UX team accomplished 2022 was updating the Pulumi Cloud, formerly known at the time as the "Pulumi Service". The Pulumi Cloud is Pulumi's web app that's used in conjunction with developer's CLI (command-line interface) to manage deployment state and enable collaboration between developers.

Between its' poor navigation, which visually made it unclear to users where they were on the site or where a link would lead them, to the dashboard which serve no real purpose as it was being mostly ignored by the users, to the overall poorly designed UI, the Cloud app was in desperate need of an update.

The goal was to improve the overall user experience by making the site easier to navigate and help users get the proper information they need quicker by updating the site's dashboard. And while doing these things, updating the design of the site so that it's more aesthetically pleasing.