Pulumi Deploy

UX Involvement

To facilitate deployments in the Pulumi Cloud, a new user experience was crucial, making the involvement of the Pulumi UX team from the project’s inception essential.

UI Design

Throughout the project’s design phase, new components were developed and integrated into the Pulumi Design System. Additionally, new animations and interactivity were introduced to highlight this innovative feature in the Pulumi Cloud. 

User Research

This undertaking involved extensive user research, encompassing user interviews, multiple rounds of usability studies and thorough competitor and industry product research.

Compiling the Research…

My teammate and I conducting a usability test with a frequent Pulumi Cloud user. I ran the test while she acted as observer and note taker.

After interviewing 8 users, I started Affinity mapping the user tests to identify emergent patterns.

Creating a bar chart as well to go along with my findings.


The project was successfully completed within approximately 5 or 6 weeks. However, due to ongoing product updates and improvements, it remains a continuous work in progress. Upon its initial launch, it was deemed a success by Pulumi customers, a sentiment that continues to be upheld.


Usability Study

  • Recordings of Tests & Interviews 
  • Affinity Map
  • Data Chart 
  • Lo-fi Figma Prototypes


  • Hi-fi Mockups


In 2022, the Pulumi UX team, collaborating with the Pulumi Cloud Engineering team, initiated the 'Pulumi Deploy' project. Pulumi Deployments, a Pulumi Cloud feature, streamlines the execution of Pulumi programs, enabling users to deploy any stack with a simple click.

The UX team was integral to the project, involved from inception to development. I assumed the role of lead designer, responsible for crafting the majority of the new deployment UX and UI design components.