Pulumi Cloud

My Role

For this project, I took charge of redesigning all the UI and navigation of the site, while another designer focused on the UI/UX of the dashboard. I introduced a new left-side navigation, allowing users to favorite their stacks for a more personalized experience. The organization selector dropdown was revamped for clarity. Additionally, I implemented a feedback widget at the bottom, encouraging users to share their thoughts on the changes and the Pulumi Cloud as a whole. This garnered significant customer input, providing valuable insights for better user support.


Extensive research on best practices and user interviews with frequent Pulumi Cloud users informed the design decisions. New components were developed and incorporated into the Pulumi Design System during this process.

The Response

Despite the scale of the task, the project was completed in a swift six weeks. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with users expressing enthusiasm for the new design and the enhanced features. Notably, 90% of users have embraced the newly introduced favorites feature.


A website’s UI is never static, especially for a cloud application like Pulumi. Ongoing updates ensure continuous improvement, with elements being added or removed. For a live demo introducing the new Pulumi Console, please watch the video below.


  • Hi-fi Mockups
  • New UI Design System Components
  • A Complete New UI for the Pulumi Cloud app


  • Pulumi

  • 2022

In 2022, a significant achievement for the Pulumi UX team was the revamp of the Pulumi Cloud, then referred to as the "Pulumi Service." The Pulumi Cloud, a web app used in tandem with developers' CLI, plays a vital role in managing deployment state and fostering collaboration.

The previous iteration faced challenges with unclear navigation, leading to confusion about users' whereabouts and the destination of links. The dashboard, largely overlooked, lacked a clear purpose. Additionally, the overall UI design needed enhancement.

The overarching objective was to enhance the user experience by streamlining navigation, providing quicker access to relevant information, and updating the dashboard. Simultaneously, the redesign aimed to improve the site's aesthetics.