We are Pulumi

The Problem / “Before”

The previous Pulumi About page lacked crucial details about the company’s story, history, and the pivotal role of the Pulumi community. Furthermore, the inclusion of every employee’s photo became impractical as the company grew.

The Solution / “After”

The revamped page now features employee faces in the header, offering a brief glimpse into the team without overwhelming visitors. User-friendly navigation links direct users to specific sections of the page.

The ‘Who we are’ section, dedicated to Pulumi’s purpose, includes a ‘Meet our leaders’ button. Clicking this button opens a new tab with photos of Pulumi leaders. Hovering over a photo provides links to the person’s socials and their new bio page, providing visitors with in-depth insights into the company’s leadership.

To see the latest, most up to date Pulumi About page, click here.


  • Lo-Fi Figma Prototype
  • Hi-Fi Mockups
  • Hi-Fi Figma Prototype
  • New UI Design System Components
  • Updated/New “About” Pulumi.com Page


In Q4 2022, a key objective for the Pulumi UX team was to overhaul the existing About page on the Pulumi marketing site.

Enjoying creative freedom while adhering to content guidelines, I collaborated closely with the Product Marketing team, aligning visual aspects with new content/copy they produced.